Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2nd, 2015

I still am not feeling 100% yet and I decided to go get my Oregon Driver's license today. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

 I spent an way too much time at the DMV. I got there at about 11:45 am, I took a number. It was 395. They were on 250. When they called number 320 and lower to the counter, I found out I needed to have my passport. a retinal scan, DNA, and finger prints in order to prove my identity and citizenship. Okay, I was just kidding about all that stuff.... but I really did need my passport (or birth certificate), which I didn't have with me...

You really shouldn't go to the DMV when don't feel well. I went home and got my passport. When I got back to the DMV they were calling number 360 and lower. That was cool that I didn't need to take a new number.

Anyway, after taking and passing the written test, and giving them lots of money, I will have my new Oregon Driver's license in 10 days. In the mean time I get to look at the awesome photo of me as a black and white print out..... I have no idea why I couldn't wear my glasses in the photo....I couldn't see anything when she took my photo. That may account for the look on my face.... I guess it could be worse.... ( I left there with my paper license at 2:15....)

I came home starving and feeling really terrible. I made some dinner. Joel read to me and then did some awesome laundry folding! He even put everything away after he folded it! I am paying homage to his greatness with this photo montage:

It is always fun to find paper bits in the dryer!

I hope you have a good night. Jen says I should feel better tomorrow.....