Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16th, 2015

We bought a mango.

We didn't look t see how to cut it up properly.... we just went for it.....

It became a mostly mangled mango....

Joel still thought it was good.

One last thing to share: (SPIDER WARNING)

This morning I took a shirt out of my drawer and put it on my bed. I turned to put it on and found this friend:

I like that even the spiders have cat hairs on them....
I believe this is a female mouse spider. She wasn't quite as big as a mouse (pretty close though! okay not really, her abdomen was about 7mm to 9 mm long though). She might be gravid, meaning she is going to lay eggs soon. Mouse spiders are hunting spiders so they don't build webs, they run around and catch their prey. They are called mouse spiders because they are fuzzy and brown, like a mouse. This is a non-native species, accidentally introduced through trade. Thanks spiders.us for all the great information.

I am super glad I am not phobic of spiders. I will admit she made me squeal. I wasn't ready to find such a large spider on my shirt that to just took out of my drawer.

Hope you have a great night!