Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4th, 2015

To make up for yesterday's lack of photos, here are all the photos!!

We went back to Rood Bridge Park to see the lilies bloom!

There was the tiniest shaft of light just hitting this bloom. It was pretty magical.

Here's everything else we saw!

Blackberries already?!

some sort of bee mimic fly

damsel fly

I really missed my telephoto lens today. I won't be getting it back for a few months..... oh well, it is good for me to use my other lenses.

Hope you have a great night!!

Joel said the Daisy picked itself..... I am not so sure. It isn't a native plant so I'm not going to give him too hard a time.
 On the way back to the car a tiny beetle flew into my eye.... Joel swears it was an eye-burrow beetle. (those don't really exist......)