Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2nd 2014

So.... I don't know if anyone has a piece of kitchen equipment that hates them. I have a can opener..... This one.... Joel and I bought it when we moved to Seattle.
I cannot open a can with this can opener. It doesn't puncture the can, it also bends the can. I don't know why... It makes me crazy! Joel can use it just fine.....

I have to use this one.....
It is rusted and old and kinda scary.... but it opens cans. It doesn't fight me.....

I had to open a can of beans for dinner.

I also grated some cheese.

Good stuff.

Joel went to the store today and he brought these home for me!

Joel also has to work tonight. He has to close. I get a little lonely so I listen to books.