Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10th, 2014

Hooray!! Happy one year birthday to 6005 Photos!

Yay!! Jen bought me a cake!

It has been an interesting year. I have definitely learned lots. Thanks for sticking with me! I hope the coming year is even better!!

Here are the winners of my contest: 

1. Yulia
2. Sara L.
3. Kristina S.
4. Cassie S.
5. Lauren S.

Hooray!! You should make sure to send me a message with your address and what image you would like printed. 

Thanks for your support!

Some stats from my first year of blogging:
 I made 370 posts containing  3606 photographs. I guess I aimed too low with 6005....
The total views as of this post: 17199.
March 28th 2014 was my highest viewed post with  167 views. (I personally think it is weird that this post received so many views, but hey....) 

The biggest thing I learned: Making myself be creative everyday is sometimes REALLY difficult, but it is a great habit to have.

Here are the photos I took today. Joel and I went back to Rood Bridge Park. Our timing was a little off... It was pretty dark when we got there.

Thanks again! Over the next few days I am going to talk about my goals for the coming year! So stick around.

Hope you have a great night!