Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9th 2014

I found a new park tonight! It is really amazing. Rood Bridge Park is out in Hillsboro about 13 miles from where we live. I only explored a tiny fraction of the park, but what I found was pretty cool.

I came upon a little pond.

In this pond there we lots of Frogs!!! too bad they are probably non-native and invasive bullfrogs. But It was fun watching then all say "eep!" jump in the water when I came close.

There was also a pair of muskrats. I only got a photo of one.....

Here are the rest of the photos from around the pond:

These two talked with me about the how awesome the park was and they were the ones who first spotted the muskrat:

And my favorite photo from today, with absolutely no editing, straight out of the camera:

Hope you have a great night!!
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