Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 7th 2014 (The Eclipse!!)

I only made it though half of the eclipse.  Joel and I started our adventure at around 12:30. I wanted to see the Penumbral part of the eclipse too. We went to Cooper Mountain Nature Park. The in-gate was left open but I was too chicken to go inside the park so, I parked the car on the in front of the closed  out-gate and set up in the driveway.

This is the beginning of the Penumbral eclipse at 1:17 AM

1:17 AM   ISO 200 f14 1/200

I photographed the moon every 5 minutes, and didn't see any appreciable difference until 2:02 AM. I don't know if the very thin layer of clouds blocked what was going on, or I just couldn't see anything...

2:02 AM  ISO 200 f14 1/200
 The Partial eclipse started at 2:18 AM I photographed every two minutes. That may have been overkill....
It was also around this time when the nocturnal animals started making lots of noise. Especially the very loud owl who had a lot to say.... 

2:20 AM    ISO 200 f14 1/200
2:26 AM      ISO 200 f14 1/200

2:36 AM    ISO 200 f14 1/200
More people stared showing up to my spot. I wondered what took them so long....

2:46AM    ISO 200 f131/200

2:54 AM    ISO 200 f13 1/200

3:02 AM   ISO 200 f13 1/200

3:10 AM      ISO 200 f8  1/200
3:18 AM   ISO 200 f5.6 1/100

3:24 AM     ISO 200 f5.6  1.6 sec

3:34 AM     ISO 200  f8  1.6 sec (used self-timer)

3:46 AM     ISO 200 f16  4 sec (used self-timer)

The maximum eclipse was at 3:55AM. My shots all contained a large amount of camera shake, they look very similar to the photo I took at 3:46AM, so all is well. I couldn't stay up anymore! I hope all the people who stayed up had a great show!

Neither could Joel!!

We headed home a little after 4AM....

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