Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12th 2014

Today the birds went in for their wing clipping. They got buckled in and rode in the car like champs!

Here is Artemis getting his wing clipped. It doesn't hurt him. It will also make it easier to tame him. With some hard work over the next month or so he will probably be able to ride on my shoulder!
Artemis and Opal had a full spa treatment: wings clipped, toe nails snipped an their beak tips were blunted so it won't hurt as bad when they bite us.

After the morning's hard work I went to lunch with Sarah W. The we decided that is would be a good day to have an afternoon drink!

The College Inn is very atmospheric.

I hear this is where all the cool Grad School Kids hang out.

Don't worry I did spend some time in the sun today too!

This leaf was so red!

This was the weirdest, fuzziest branch I have ever touched. It felt like an animal....