Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6th 2014

My day started out not so good....

As I was walking to work in the rain I felt my butt getting hot.... and wet....
My tea cup broke!

I also found another shopping cart. This one belongs to the QFC. The closest QFC is by the Clinic.... I couldn't imaging pushing a shopping cart up and down all the hills....

But then my day got infinitely better! I got a box in the the mail!!

My photog friend Sarah sent me this awesome box. It is full of Cotton!

You see, Sarah lives in Georgia and posted some photos of the cotton fields. I thought they were pretty neat and told her that I had never seen cotton plants in person. So, She sent me some!! She is the coolest!

I have a feeling these Bolls and fluffs need some more photographic exploration with better lighting!