Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29th 2014

So, I went to my first Convention today.

Here is Jen. I went with her. (Joel was there too and her boyfriend Adam)

It was loads of fun. I also learned a lot.

First.... I should take at least two days to look at all the stuff.... and by stuff I mean people dressed up... I totally forgot to take photos for most of the day because I was too busy looking at everyone and everything!

Second..... Maybe I should have turned the flash on my little camera.... I am disappointed in how some of the photos came out :( especially the ones of me with people.

I had a good time and that is was really matters. I would have liked to have better photos for today but I don't. I will try again next year!

This is my personal favorite cosplay! Look how adorable they are!

This is me with Jennie Breeden. She writes and draws the web comic The Devil's Panties, not it isn't satanic porn.
Joel took this photo.

Here she is drawing a picture.

This woman is Danielle Corsetto. She writes and draws Girls with Slingshots. Joel is having her fill out blank Cards Against Humanity cards.

I REALLY with this one came out better. These guys were really great Klingons! We asked for a photo with them and they grabbed us around the shoulders and pulled us in. Look at Jen's face... she is uncertain what is going on.
Joel took this photo.

This little Darth Vader was so excited about R2-D2. I figured I would just get my photo taken with both of them.
This photo was taken by a complete stranger.

And this little Leia was so adorable!!

This little girl was having fun dancing to the band playing outside. She was also standing on a vent blowing out air. This was taken through two windows.

Here are some other cosplay I saw today.

Seriously Freaky.... this guy growled and me. I was kinda scared.

You can't really tell but the guy on the right is Wonder Woman. He is wearing a skirt and everything.

Cat woman has the saddest eyes......
I am pretty sure this guy was knitted then felted. This T-Rex was taller then me.....

Captain America got a little too warm.

This bike cab even made the T.A.R.D.I.S noise!

I want to wear these everyday.... Do you think that I can pull it off?

I wish we were going back tomorrow. I would probably be able to take better photos now that the awe of seeing so much cool stuff in one place has warn off.... Oh well I know better for next time now!

(I will show you all the neat artwork we got tomorrow!)