Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17th 2013

I would like to share A Day in the Life of Inky today.

Hooray the human is here! Maybe she will feed me and pet me! (She was rolling around on the top of the cabinet. I  thought she might fall off....)

Oh good! The human needs help when she mops the floor! I love helping make mop water! (This is not a set up.... I got out the mopping supplies then went to sweep with the Swiffer, this is what I found after I put the Swiffer away. I even had to go to the desk to get my camera. She never moved.She knows when I get the mop bucket out I will let her "help" (play) in the sink. What a good helper. )

Look at me help! (Yup, she got water everywhere. Good thing I was mopping anyway... I tried to take a video but she stopped playing as soon as I started recording....)

These bums never help..... I don't know why the humans let them stay...

I am so sleepy. I have done so much today!  I have greeted people that came in, sat on papers, ate some food, used the litter box, ate some more food, I took a nap, got some treats, had my ear scratched, ate some more food, got a piece of bread from the human's lunch, I took a nap, I hissed at an old mad cat, I made mop water, I played with the red dot for thirty seconds, I ate some food..... What a busy day! I am beat!

Goodnight Inky! We love you!