Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30th 2013

Thanks Panda Express for a fortune that is actually worth something! I feel that it is an accurate statement, I am feeling much more secure in many ways and we are definitely prosper a bit.

On my walk today it was a random object smorgasbord!
First, this cart was pretty lost... I don't even know where a "Food Emporium" is.......

Then there was a tea cup...... I bet some on is missing it.... If it is still there in the morning I will give it a new home.

I had a feeling when I passed by this shoe I had photographed it before... I did... On December 3rd..... but then it was under a tree.... not almost on the road.... I wonder why I haven't noticed it again, before today?

Finally, I found some headphones in a tree.....

At work my nephew left one of his mittens. Inky consented to wear it for a moment.
Louie, however, didn't like the idea at all.....

So, Inky and I had a warm fuzzy moment..... heavy on the fuzzy!