Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3rd 2013

It was freezing today.... But then my mom texted me that I was 16 degrees and snowing in Riverton and I was happy to be in Seattle where is was 34 degrees.....

I thought I would make a comparison to a flash and a nonflash photo with my Elph. I did change the angle a bit so I guess it isn't a true comparison.... It is very interesting how different the colors are. I remember them being more like the bottom photo.

Here is the random object I found on my walk to work. It is so odd to see one shoe. I bet the person who lost it is very sad.

It was made very clear to me that I wasn't going home tonight after work. She didn't want to get off my bag. Poor Inky didn't want to be left alone again!

This is a very silly photo. On my walk home I discovered that my head lamp makes an animal's eyes shine. Then I got to the corner and saw this.
I almost jump out of my skin. Turns out they aren't glowing red eyes.... there are more Christmas around the side of the fence.

Hey look I am clean!

These next photos were taken by my Dad, Dane Swimeley. These are the Thanksmas photos!