Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11th 2014

There was a break in the wind and rain at the beginning of my walk to work. You can see the tiny bit of blue sky.

I found this crazy little mushroom! I am going to go back with my 50D and take some more photos of it! It is growing out of the end of a piece of plywood!

I also found a worm.

For dinner Joel and I went to one of our favorite neighborhood places:

We hadn't been there for a very long time! They are closed on Wednesdays so we can't go there for lunch. Our favorite waitress remembered us! We hadn't see her for quite some time. She had an adorable baby boy 10 months ago.... The last time I remember seeing her she was VERY pregnant! She is so sweet. She wished me a happy new year an gave me this little pink elephant made out of Thai silk! It is the cutest little thing!

Dinner was great!

I had red curry with extra vegetables.

Here we are being very satisfied:

One last thing... Here is a photo that I took to represent movement....