Friday, January 17, 2014

January 17th 2014

My boss is out of town so I am hanging out with this guy again! He found a biscuit he had hidden in the backyard.

I tried to trade him some old blackberries for this bone.... but Syd said no....

Inky didn't like the cranes I was folding today.....

Joel and I are now the proud parents of two budgies! We haven't named them and Joel hasn't actually met them yet! They came from a home where the rest of the budgies in the flock were picking on them. They were pretty unhappy. Now they will be happy though! We have some work to do to tame them but I think they will come around. ( I hope they will let me take better photos of them too!)

Oh and I posted this photo for another g+ group that is doing a weekly photo post. This is Numbers: Two of a kind.