Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5th 2014

I did a night time study of a sculpture near my home. I have driven by it many, many, many times. I thought it was kind of terrible and out of place, but upon further inspection, I actually like it. I am going to go back and do a day study.

The Coffee Pot Pergola by Paul Sorey is on Lake City Way. The sculpture is in front of a funky little building that used to be a coffee shop, but now it a Verizon store.

It celebrates the diversity of our neighborhood by saying "let's have coffee" in several different languages.

I think that the curves remind me of steam.

This is from the press release: "Celebrating the community's diversity of cultures and reflecting “that hometown feeling”, the coffee or tea pot theme recognizes the ritual of drinking these beverages as a universally popular social activity that brings people together. Overlaying this theme, the nature-based curving and branching forms are reminiscent of plants, flowing water and streams referring to the natural beauty of the area and the community's goal to restore the vitality of the several tributaries of Thornton Creek which cut deep ravines through the area. Finally, the curved and branching stainless steel forms also evoke the curves of fins and fenders of cars of the past, appropriate to Lake City." (

 And a little tid-bit about me..... I don't wear matching socks, if I can help it.....