Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12th 2014

Ta da!

Now before you start thinking....Jessie why are you showing me a photo of your couch... that isn't very interesting....

I know it isn't that interesting, but I actually haven't seen my couch for weeks. You see it is the dumping ground for clean laundry.

And for reasons totally known only to my subconscious, have been functioning as thought this is my closet.

But I decided I was tired of only having one tiny spot to sit on the couch so I gathered up the hangers....

and put ALL the clothes away!
.... well not  my socks, those are in a box.... That is too much work....

I owe much of my success to watching the X-Files for helping keep me going through the arduous task of putting laundry away. I would also like to share with you at the end of the episode called "Triangle" in season 6, Mulder tells Scully he loves her... I almost cried... What is wrong with me?! 

Here is my tea cup.

I also thought that the dying leaf on my prayer plant had rather lovely colors!

The last load of towels just buzzed from the dryer.... I suppose I should put them away.... since the couch is clean and all.