Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7th 2014

I think everyday should be a spectacular day for photos. I bet if I tried harder I could make that happen. I would classify today and an unspectacular day.... I guess that is okay. I will try again tomorrow. That is the great thing about this project. I have lots and lots of days left.... so if every day isn't amazing that is alright.

Today my best little buddy FitBit had a small problem. Her battery died this morning. But I got her a new one and everything is gonna be alright.

I made myself some dinner tonight using Johnny's season salt and a lemon.

Now, I am chewing the last piece of gum.

I haves some misfit dishes. These came to us from Joel's mom. They don't really match anything and I don't much care for the color.... I will be looking for a good home for them....

And my desk already has clutter on it and under it.....