Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

I bet you are expecting some great costume photos. Well, this year..... as for the last two years.... in fact all the Halloweens I have been in Seattle, is a dud. It is my favorite holiday and I am disappointed but, it is life and I can either be mad and upset or just roll with it. I am choosing to just roll with it and at least offer you some photos of Inky in her costume.

This is what Inky actually thought of wearing her hat.

Inky is very fond of candy.....

I did take a few photos on my way to work.... I really like this little dog.

This is the staircase I climb to go to work. I think the trees are creepy.

 And in case you were wondering this is the cone and the mattress live.

Cheers! Hope everyone has a great night!