Friday, October 11, 2013

Goal #3

I was inspired by a blog post that talked about creating a list of 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days. (

Goal #3 on my list is: Take at least 5 photos every day.  

That is 5005 photos.... I have decided to challenge myself a tiny bit more. I am going to add a 6th photo, a self portrait every day too (bringing the total photographs to 6005). There won't be a self portrait for October 10th, I just decided to start a blog and take a self portrait today, October 11th, so there are only 5 photos for the 10th.

I can't promise that all the photos will be amazing, or that you won't see too many photos of a black and white cat, her name is Inky. She sits next to me all day long at work.