Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18th 2013

This morning was amazing! It was foggy and all the dew was clinging to everything. All the spider webs were visible. It was breathtaking!

But you know what happened as I happily experimented with my slow syncro flash? My battery died. Did I have my 2nd battery.... nope. It was at home on the charger. You think I would have learned this lesson.... but I guess it hasn't sunk in yet.... Why bother having extra batteries, if I am just going to leave them home.... jeez...

Joel, bless his heart, brought me my battery at work so I could shoot some more on the way home.

Oh well, it is supposed to be foggy again tomorrow, I will try again.

Here is what I did take today:

 Not sure exactly what a happened here, but it is pretty creepy.... The fog added some weird elements.

I used the flash! and it doesn't look too horrible! 

 Here I am walking home!

and then this was sitting there this morning......

Who leaves toilet paper on the side of the road?

These photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot Elph 100HS and unedited.