Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23rd 2013

I took my car in to the shop today for an oil change, general maintenance, and a recall fix. They said it would take 3 hours so Joel and I decided to walk over to 196th street to go find some food. We didn't think it would be too much of a walk since were were at 220th street. We were wrong. We walked THREE miles to find some food... and then three miles back to get my car. It was quite the adventure.

See... the first thing we saw on our walk was an old ear of corn in a discarded shoe.

Then there was a spider drinking water. She collected the dew in her web into a ball. It was the strangest thing to watch. I guess I didn't ever think about a spider needing a drink.

 This is a different spider. There were about a dozen of them on the bush.

Here i am with my 50D.

And the last bit of weird. When we got back to the Honda dealership this dog with there. Her name is Daisy.