Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 12th 2013

As I was walking home today I realized that I wasn't taking enough photos. That I was saving photos to take for a different day (How do you even save a photo for a different day?). I was thinking that if I took lots of  pictures on my walk home that there would be no more photos to take there.... EVER.  Looking back this is what I did yesterday too. I actually stopped myself from taking photos. That is the exact opposite of what this project is about for me.

When I realized my behavior was pretty counterproductive. I started pressing the shutter button. I am shooting digital.  I don't have to pay to develop all the rolls of film, or spend the time in the darkroom developing it. I can shoot as may photos as my card can hold. Who cares?!

And you know what? There will still be stuff to take photos of tomorrow.

These two were taken on my walk to work, in the rain.

These were taken on the walk home, in the sun.

Finally, here is me eating some kale and broccoli quiche I made for breakfast.

These photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot Elph 100HS and unedited.