Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25th 2013

Today could have been a better day. The second cat we saw this morning decided to attack me after we were done taking x-rays of him. He boxed my ears and tried to bit my face off.  He only successfully scratched my face with his tooth. I had little in the way of defense, I was still wearing the lead lined gloves from taking the x-rays.   It really isn't that bad.... but angry cats are scary when they are in your face.

(I should have take  the photo when I was bleeding everywhere!)

 His owners felt really horrible about the attack and they brought me a Peace Lily. They are such sweet people!

On my walk home I discovered that much of the earlier rain still clung to the plants.

And here is the random traffic cone tossed aside on the street corner:

My actually self portrait in the dark and rain this morning: