Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 16th 2013

I went to Woodland Park today. I  love the zoo and the rose garden is right next door. The rose garden still has a surprising number of blooming flowers.

It was dark today. The sun didn't burn off the clouds until after I took my photos. I made a pretty elementary error, to be fair it is an error I frequently made when I shot film, I forgot to change the ISO on my camera until after I had shot most of the photos. I had many disappointing, out of focus images due to camera shake.  This project is here to help me get better at what I love to do so I am grateful for the mistake. Let's hope I learn from it.

I love my little orange Honda Fit!

Today's photos were taken with Manual settings on my Canon 50D and  unedited, except for my self portrait that was taken with my Elph.