Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27th 2013

WARNING: There are more then 6 photos today.... many, many, more......

I had a great photo day. It actually could be separated out into two days! I spent the morning, in the pouring rain, at the Woodland Park Zoo. Today they gave the animals pumpkins as special Halloween treat.

I made a little bird friend, until the seeds were all gone.

One liked my photo buddy Lauren too...

Just four more from the zoo!!

After it stopped raining and the sun came out I did a cosplay shoot with Brittney and Alan. They are in their Steam Punk finest.

 This is their dog Feyd.

That was an amazing time at Gas Works Park!

After the shoot we had some dinner and we were greeted at the door by this fine lad.

If you look closely the Space Needle is behind me :)

Today was a busy day. I had a great time!  Most of these photos were taken with my 50D, the exceptions are the Jaguar cub, the peeing boy, and my self portrait, those were with my Elph. The photos of Brittney and Alan were barely edited using PhotoShop Elements 10.